Learning Modules

Below are some common examples of insights for data visualizations. Follow along in these modules to build insights in a sample dashboard on credit risk. For background on the data in this sample dashboard, watch the Video: How Wordsmith Works with Tableau. Work through these modules in order - they start out basic and get more advanced.


Sample Dashboard: Credit Risk Overview

Download the Dashboard

This is a step-by-step guide on how to write your first insight from beginning to end. Start here to learn how everything works, then move onto the other insight examples below.

You can use this technique to write about the best or worst performers in your dashboard.

If performance is dependent on a specific KPI or dynamic threshold, you can write about all the categories that meet that value.

Learn how to make your insights interactive as the audience engages with the dashboard. You can use this technique to write the next level of detail based on what the audience has selected.