What is Zapier?

Zapier is a web automation app. With Zapier you can connect online apps you work with (Google Sheets, Salesforce, Gmail, Survey Monkey, etc.) using Triggers and Actions in an automated workflow without writing code.

A Trigger is the event that starts the workflow. For example, if you want to write an email each time a new row is added to your Google Sheet, the "new line in a spreadsheet" is the Trigger.

An Action is the event that you choose to happen after the trigger. Continuing the same example, the Action would be "writing a new email".

And the whole workflow with Triggers and Actions is called a Zap.

You can set up Zaps to accomplish all kinds of things. Zapier supports over 500 apps, now including Wordsmith!

Wordsmith & Zapier

The Wordsmith app is only an action, not a trigger. You'll set up a Trigger (like a new row added to a spreadsheet, a form submission, or a contact added to Salesforce). And the Action is Wordsmith creating a narrative based on the data sent from the trigger. You can set up multiple actions in Zapier, so you may want to set up a subsequent action to do something with that narrative Wordsmith has written. Your next action could be sending an email that includes the content generated from Wordsmith, posting a Tweet, updating a Wordpress blog, or anything else.

With so many apps supported in Zapier, there are thousands of different Zaps you can set up using Wordsmith. Here are a few we think are really cool:

  • Produce content from a row in a spreadsheet: When a new row is added or updated in Google Sheets, generate narrative from Wordsmith.

  • Create a narrative based on a form submission: When someone submits a form through Google Form, Formstack, Wufoo, or Survey Monkey, create a narrative from Wordsmith. Take it one step further and add a second action to email that narrative.

  • Write a product description: When a new product is created in Shopify, write a product description from Wordsmith.

  • Add notes to Salesforce: When a new lead, contact, event, or opportunity is created in Salesforce, use Wordsmith to create and add relevant notes to Salesforce.

  • Send personalized receipts to your customers: Use Wordsmith to create personalized communication to your customers based on Quickbooks data.

  • Create a Chatbot: Create a chatbot using narratives from Wordsmith to respond to incoming tweets, emails, slack messages, or Zendesk tickets.

  • Generate personalized workout summaries: Motivate users of a fitness app, like MapMyFitness, with personalized workout performance summaries.

Take a look at Wordsmith's Recommended Zaps

Setting Up Your Wordsmith Zap

Check out the Wordsmith Integrations page to start setting up your Wordsmith Zaps, and start automating your workflow!