Welcome to the Wordsmith Knowledge Base

Wordsmith is a natural language generation platform that lets you produce human-sounding narratives from data. It turns structured data into written prose that sounds like a person wrote it. You can speak in a personalized way to your customers and employees, and scale your content production.

In Wordsmith, you'll write a Template based on a set of data. And that Template can be used to create hundreds or thousands of narratives. Narrative is the output of your Template for each row of your data.

You can upload data as a spreadsheet to Wordsmith (or send data as JSON to our API), and you'll have an individual narrative for each row of your spreadsheet. Every narrative will include data from the corresponding row of your spreadsheet, you can add if-then rules to change what is written, and even add synonymous words or phrases so that each narrative is different.

This Knowledge Base is designed to guide you through the steps to using Wordsmith.