Wordsmith Project Roadmap

Plan your narratives.

  1. Think about what you want to create in Wordsmith and why. The questions on the Designing a Template page are a good place to start.
  2. Brainstorm ideas for communicating with your audience. Look at examples of narratives you want to create and think about how you would describe unique scenarios in your data.
  3. Outline your logic. You'll use conditional logic to change what's written in your narratives based on the data. The thresholds for different scenarios in your data will become Branch rules in your Template.

Get your data.

  1. Define the data structure you need for your narratives and get data into a single-row format. This may require some analysis, like aggregating data or adding calculations.

Write your Template.

  1. Create a Project and Template in Wordsmith with your data.
  2. Use the outline of your logic to write Branches and change what's written in your narrative based on different scenarios. If you're using the same logic more than once in your Template, write a True/False formula for it. And if you want to re-use common Branches, turn them into their own Template and share them across the Project.
  3. Insert data points and format the way they're displayed in your narratives. Create formulas for any calculations needed that are not in your data.
  4. Vary what's written in your narratives by adding Synonyms and Branches.

QA your narratives.

  1. Review the narratives generated from your Template on the Preview page. Read through them to make sure there are no grammatical errors and your Branches are changing what's written the way you intended.

Publish your narratives.

  1. Use the Wordsmith API or manually download your narratives from your Template.