Wordsmith for Business Intelligence

The Wordsmith integration allows you to pull data from your Tableau dashboard, write a Wordsmith Template using that data, and then publish the text insights generated from the Template alongside your data visualizations.

You can pull out numerical insights in your data that you can use in your text, things like:

  • "Who is the top salesperson in the northwest?"
  • "For commercial loans, what’s the largest loan we’ve ever done?"
  • "Over the last month, how much have expenses grown?"

Wordsmith integrates directly with Tableau. And because we have an API, you can develop a custom implementation for any other business intelligence platform.

Where to start

To see real examples of Wordsmith integrations in dashboards, check out our Live Demos.

Watch the Getting Started Video Series to learn how Wordsmith works.

Work through the Learning Modules to write some insights in a sample dashboard.

Then follow the steps to get started on your own project.