What to Write Using Wordsmith

Wordsmith turns the information in databases and spreadsheets into readable prose. For example:

  • E-commerce providers use it to present product descriptions in compelling language on a massive scale.
  • Business analysts use Wordsmith to rapidly write large numbers of customized reports.
  • Media companies use Wordsmith to generate hyper-local narratives about sports, politics, crime, and other data-driven topics.
  • Real estate firms use it to create thousands of property listings and market reports.
  • Financial service companies use Wordsmith to produce portfolio summaries, account overviews, asset allocation reviews, and analyst reports.


Check out the Gallery for even more examples!

For any type of structured data, Wordsmith makes writing thousands of reports as easy as writing just one. It enables scale, speed, and personalization that has never before been possible.

Wordsmith’s input is a structured spreadsheet, or JSON file if you're using the API. Its output is a set of unique narratives - one for each row in the spreadsheet.