Get Started on Your Project

Once you've learned how Wordsmith works by working through the learning modules, follow these steps to set up an integration on your own dashboard.

Think about what you want to write and the data you need to write those insights. A good narrative goes beyond just describing the visualizations, make it impactful!

Based on the insights you want to write, make sure you have the data you need as worksheets in your dashboard. You'll likely want to build new worksheets just to use in Wordsmith so that you'll have more flexibility with your data.

There are two ways to integrate with Wordsmith depending on the version of Tableau you're using.

Calculations transform the data tables from your Tableau dashboard into data you can write about in Wordsmith.

Step 5: Write a Wordsmith Template

A Template is like a decision tree - you're able to change the text in your insights based on the data in the dashboard. You'll be able to insert the Data Variables you created from the calculations you wrote, write logical statements in Branches to change the text as the data changes, and add Synonyms to randomly vary the text in your insights.